Connect • Collaborate • Celebrate • Connect • Collaborate • Celebrate • Connect • Collaborate • Celebrate

We’re obsessed with you. Let’s drink.

Lite Pink is the best tasting, low calorie, low sugar, premium rosé flavored wine seltzer, created to help you drink and connect better.

Drink Better

Lite Pink

100 calories per 12oz can

5% boozy (abv)

2 grams of sugar

low carb

real flavors

gluten free

bpa free


Connect Better

“Drinking is easy. Making awesome connections is hard. Let us help.”

We’ve left one too many get togethers feeling like we wasted our calories and our evening, amIright? We know you’re just a few better questions away from the answers and connections you’re looking for. That’s why we added three questions to the back of every can that are super effective in creating a conversation worthy of your time.

Give Back

“Every time you lift one up, you lift her up too.”

Lite Pink is female founded and gives back to female founders, so every time you lift up your can, you lift HER up too.

If you’re celebrating over cocktails, why not make it better for you and more intentional, right? Every woman deserves to go for her dream and now part of your celebration goes to celebrating her.

Text Lite Pink, to be the first to drink with us!310-496-8386
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